Ajor risk factors for developing acute kidney injury. order viagra "diabetic patients can experience multiple hospitalizations due to variety of medical problems in the long-term. Given this background, we wanted to study the effect of multiple episodes of acute kidney injury on the risk of progressive kidney disease in a diabetic patient. viagra generic when available We also wanted to establish that the link is independent of other known risk factors of diabetic kidney failure such as high blood pressure or presence of protein in the urine. cheap generic viagra " researchers conducted follow-up care for 4,082 patients with diabetes mellitus from a va health care system over 10 years (1999-2008). cheap viagra Using a cox survival model—a statistical technique for exploring the relationship between the study outcome and several explanatory variables, in this case acute kidney injury—researchers looked at the effect of the first injury episode and up to three additional episodes as time-dependent risk factors of stage iv chronic kidney disease (pre-dialysis stage). viagra generic release Other variables included demographics, baseline level of renal function and other major risk factors that could lead to kidney failure in diabetes such as presence of hypertension and proteinuria, or excess protein in the urine. "of the 3,679 patients who were eligible to participate, over half of the diabetics required at least one hospitalization during the follow-up period," thakar says. buy viagra canada "once hospitalized, 30 percent of them experienced at least one episode of acute kidney injury during hospitalization. Of those patients who developed injury and survived, 30 percent developed two or more episodes. viagra oral jelly uk " he adds that in other hazards models, any acute kidney injury versus no injury increased the risk of advanced chronic kidney disease by threefold, and each acute injury doubled that risk. "these findings clearly show that in diabetic patients, who may face the prospect of kidney failure or dialysis, episodes of acute kidney injury facilitate that risk," thakar says. "we need effective strategies to prevent or treat acute kidney injur. viagra online generic viagra  



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