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Daydreaming like anyone else. side effects viagra pills I had a absence then tonic clonic fit recently, before the fit i had a strong smell of cheese in my nose for several weeks which was there from morning till night,since then i find that sometimes i have a smell in my nose of strong cheese, the smell sometimes lasts for days during which i loose my colour and feel extremely tierd all the time, fail to concentrate and according to my partner repeatedly seem to drop into absence and if left the absence can last for up to 5 minutes tho fits do not always follow. My gp has booked me in to see a nerologist and have mri and eeg tho the appointment is not for several months so with advice from a nerologist suggested i take lamotrogine i have agreed to take and have started it 2weeks ago. I have several concerns...... 1. viagra more effective than viagra Am i epileptic? viagra generic Or is it possible the symtoms could be something else? I thought the smell would be momentary by other peoples accounts that is usually the case. buy generic viagra 2. Since taking lamotrogine my sleep has been disturbed, that disturbance being waking in rem from the early hours through to the morning? I missed the dose for one morning and the strong smell has returned and not gone away for 2 days tho i do not feel any other symtoms. viagra wholesale Asked by:  matthew. Needham00 on : sun, 7 oct 2012 answers:  0 views:  2 report abuse also find answers on: tonic–clonic seizure epileptic seizure epilepsy absence seizure myoclonus neurological disorders awaiting answer answer this question » post as: anonymous non anonymous keep me posted share on facebook for an immediate answer, try our premium service search answers »   other questions you may be interested in head injury, concussion, bleeding in the brain,... I am suffering from epileptic from 20 years.... Pain in the neck after getting stitches on the... viagra cost Knot on back of head, no bruise or redness, no... buy viagra An epileptic, had seizures during pregnancy.... Is a numb patch on the outer thigh related to... Infant fell from bed. How to know if there is a... buy viagra without prescription Marijuana and traumatic brain injury i had a lower lumbar injury, now it has a pain.... viagra online bestellen deutschland I keep smelling blood in my nose, please help epilepsy. Missed periods, numb hand. Pregnancy... How will i know if i am pregnant? Head injury after trauma, underent chemotherapy... Lump on the head after head injury, i want to... Head injury, back injury, blackout, bleeding... viagra more effective than viagra How to treat child suffering from west syndrome? What is causing a pain at the lower part of my... What could be the cause of excessive cough... My eye is puffy, had cataract surgery   tell your friends about healthcaremagic. Com let your friends know about the easiest way to "ask a doctor, 24x7" share on facebook :. viagra more effective than viagra tumblr

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