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Of residence, cataract severity and other illnesses and physically limiting conditions. viagra 20 mg que precio tiene Some 13,976 of the patients sustained hip fractures in the course of a year. Those who had cataracts removed sustained 16 percent fewer hip fractures in the year after surgery than those who did not, the study found, though the youngest patients — those ages 65 to 69 — did not reap this benefit, and in fact experienced an increase in hip fractures. buy generic viagra usa Researchers speculated that the youngest patients having cataract surgery may be very active people who had the surgery in only one eye, which could worsen problems with depth perception and balance, or may include people with serious neurological ailments. viagra soft tabs 20mg They said more study of this age group was needed. canadian viagra without a doctor prescription But older patients and those who were very ill benefited tremendously. viagra side effects dizziness Patients ages 80 to 84 experienced the most significant benefit, with 28 percent fewer hip fractures. can you buy viagra usa Those who had many other illnesses and chronic conditions, like heart disease, were 26 to 28 percent less likely to experience a fracture than equally sick patients who did not have the cataracts removed. And those who had severe cataracts removed experienced 23 percent fewer hip fractures than those who had severe cataracts but did not have surgery. cheap generic viagra “seeing helps you navigate a new environment and helps with balance,” dr. viagra side effects dizziness Coleman said. viagra side effects dizziness “you really need your eyes and vision to help you stay stable. canadian viagra buy online ” kavita sivaramakrishnan, an assistant professor at the mailman school of public health at columbia university who was not involved in the research, called the findings “exciting” and said they underscore the critical role that vision plays in quality of life and healthy aging. Viagra cheap online uk “visual functioning helps in so many ways, whether it’s nighttime driving, participating in community activities or mental health,” she said. viagra without a doctor prescription overnight delivery “people will tell you their life satisfaction is so much higher after cataract surgery. Viagra health benefits women ” poor vision “affects your self-confidence so much,” she added. buy generic viagra Dr. viagra discount Coleman, an eye surgeon who studies the effect of visual impairment on falls and fractures, described an elderly breast cancer patient whom she had treated. cheap viagra The patient suffered from severe cataracts, and her adult daughters led her around on a leash. viagra prescription online usa “her inte. generic viagra online results taking viagra  


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